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  1. GuardianAngel

    dom_cridamas a01

    -Original submission for the TFConnect 2022 event!- Old Nick's popped into the local town for a visit, while he's gone, the workshop needs someone to look after it! Fight for control of the workshop, and win the praise of Old Nick when he returns! And if you've been a good little mercenary...
  2. YDA1610

    HillTower 2021-08-29

    Hello, and welcome to HillTower, Enjoy your Fight! Welcome to HillTower, The Heaven of Snipers and Soldiers.
  3. Rubber Soul


    In order to capture the last point, BLU must first capture the point that unlocks the doors to the point, if the final point isn't capped in time, RED wins. Easy, right? There's a catch, RED can lock it back up by capping the point again, so enjoy simultaneously playing defense and offense for...