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  1. DarthFather

    Wanted - Bread or Alive (A scenario for a comic / animation starring Demoman, Engineer and Medic!) 1

    Thank you to support person "nesman" on Discord for helping out with some technicalities upon submitting my entry!! <3
  2. Mighty_Due

    comic for the event 2021-12-20

    its based on the other nights fullmoon please let this get through omg
  3. ethosaur

    cp_alamo 2021-08-04

    Few years ago I made this 3cp map, tried to finish it to a playable state, but it lacks a lot of polish and gameplay fixes to this day still. You have to capture the middle point, to then unlock the enemies base capture point. There is lot's of ways to get around. The map theme is based on the...
  4. Vroxim

    Scout turns himself into a steak! final

    An entry for the 72hour jam! Decided to make something fun, and a slight reference to a certain show, in a neat comic-ish way. ;D Took around 2 and a half hours to make but I think it was worth it. Happy to participate and hope everybody else has fun with whatever they make as well!
  5. winter jacket

    Meet the Mapper comic

    72 hours go by way faster than I thought. I apologize for my handwriting.
  6. PrivateerMan

    (SFM Comic) Recruitment 2018-07-30

    I initially wanted to make a short video on how each merc got hired, but I ran out of time, so I decided to turn it into a wordless comic instead. Custom assets used: Fortnite Detective model SFM Beta files Some Workshop maps All of the above assets are publicly available for download and are...
  7. Live4Fun7369

    Short Comic: Not So Good News 2018-07-28

    Software used: Source Film Maker Paint Gimp
  8. McBro

    Pickup dropped hats, 72Hour comic 2017-08-06

    Read top to bottom: This spawned from a joke between me and a friend. Joke being "What if you could pick up dropped hats in TF2. But the animation is super slow and takes like 2 minutes to finish?".
  9. Ecoreibun

    His Ball 2017-08-06

    Scout finding and embracing (basically being over all cute) his ball.
  10. In.Your.Heart

    The Valve Elite Suite 2017-08-05

    A page of the official TF2 comic "The Contract" edited to display the reaction of the first ever person to lay their eyes upon the 72Hour Jam medal.
  11. WaveRobin

    72hr Tf2jam 2017-02-13

    I'm not sure if this spot is just for maps but eh....
  12. Mr. Festive

    72hr [SFM] It's time for comics! 1

    Sniper says: time for comics, isn't it? Sometimes, in the most fierce battle is to distract and relax. This will help you to just excellent comics!
  13. Dunkrat

    72hr Engy And Spe 3: Mis paul

    I included the pictures Each panel took about 2 minutes for a total of 27 minutes
  14. Mazata

    TF2 sfm comic?

    Hello there! I'm planning on making a tf2 sfm comic, but i need help! What is the comic going to be about? Who are the charcters? What map? The main story for the comic? If you have an idea then be sure to comment down below and remember, no ideas are dumb. Feel free to add me to discuss the...
  15. Luc

    72hr TF Comic: Heavily Disguised rc1

    This is an 18 page long comic to the story happening after the comic "The Showdown" which was released with the Meet your Match/Heavy vs. Pyro update. The best way to read this comic is opening the pdf in a pdf reader and reading through pages with instant page scroll. Adobe Reader will do...
  16. Joshenkstone


    [Deleted] Reason: "I was a dumb lil' boy back in the days"