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  1. Meebas

    VSH Pencil Ravine 1.1

    It's like when you look into a bucket of pencils and kind of imagine what it'd be like to be tiny mercenaries fighting a boss This map features a narrow, staggering landscape. It is adorned with lots of fun colored pencil walls, and rubber playroom floors. There are features like fall...
  2. SnickerPuffs

    Snicker's Colored Concrete Mini-Pack v1

    I wanted to have a less-bad version of concrete/wall011b, so I made one! ...and several variants. COMES WITH: - Four colors! (Blue, Red, Green, and White) - Four styles for each color! (Standard, Light Stripes on Uncolored, Dark Stripes on Uncolored, and Stripeless) INSTALLATION: To use...
  3. NTMonsty

    Fruitland RC7

    Based in a mall with Laboratories and Plazas, this map is set in an all-purpose shopping center that RED and BLU share together, but RED has other plans for the boring, yet surprisingly well colored building... I wanted to make this map for the 72 Hour Jam, but I made Fuego instead, so we get...
  4. andyv16

    Dream Sequence 2017-08-07

    something i had made during a cold lonely night