coal mine

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  1. MacRipley

    Red Bounty (Attack/Defense) RC1

    Converted and updated Red Bounty (previously called Kinder, but changed due to too many funny and original comments) to single stage Attack/Defend mode. Based on reception from servers since I released the PL version for the contest, I think this layout is better suited for this mode. I feel...
  2. Ismaciodismorphus

    Tundratown v3

    Its Timbertown! but oh no big industry has arrived! Rio Grande coal has set up a coal mine in the Blu district with The binski logging company shredding their way through the Red district. Clearly the only way this corporate war between front companies can end is a game of soccerhockeybasketball...
  3. FpsIs0

    Coal mine 2018-10-10

    A ctf map that is dark, fun, and full of hate towards the enemy team. the story is The red team is buying out the mine, but the blue wont leave, so both sides must steal the contract Aka the flag, to in over the mine. do this 3 times to win.