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  1. r0nii

    Carribean's cannon assets. (Edited cannons) v1

    EVERYTHING INSIDE THIS DOWNLOAD IS MINE EXPECT THE MODELS AND TEXTURES. THEY WERE JUST SLIGHTLY EDITED!!! ORIGINAL DOWNLOAD: Map named Carribean had cannons that sucked. I really liked the map so i decided to help the creator with those...
  2. ethosaur

    Small Pirate prop pack A1

    Very early work in progress, some of the models have some UV maps set up but no textures yet. Im still learning to model, so this was just a practice. Feel free to texture, edit and try to finish the model(s) yourself. But please do credit me if you want to use them!
  3. FGD5

    Medieval Cannon v1

    A medieval cannon model, fit for sieges or museum exhibits. Requested by YOYOYO and ics. Has 2 LODs... and not much else really Enjoy!

    Model small, two wheeled Medieval cannon

    I unfortunately have neither the experience, skill, nor patience to try creating this model, So I'm asking for a small two wheeled cannon i can use in my newest medieval map. Much would be appreciated! Here's a Picture to give you an Idea (sorry for the cartoony nature): Thank You! I'll make...