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  1. Custard1

    Oil Blends v1

    Oil blend texture for use with displacements. Uses stock vtfs so it's pretty light on file size and can be dropped almost anywhere in materials. Uses env_cubemaps for reflections.
  2. Ismaciodismorphus

    Snowblendpack 9/17/2021

    Snowblendpack includes blend textures for nearly every ground/rockwall/Egyptian wall textures and a texture zoo VMF file included in the zip
  3. Ismaciodismorphus

    Ground007 pack 5/20

    Ground007 blend pack is labeled ground7 in hammer. This pack consists of blend texture vmt's for ground007 and pretty much every rockwall texture in the game...
  4. Emil_Rusboi

    [GUIDE] Making Source Beautiful Again

    Introducing So, I was inspired by 3kliksphilips video and decided to create my own guide... to how make your map more... beautiful. Disclaimer I am not professional mapper, all of these just my thoughts, advices and knowledge. Lighting Lighting is the one of the most parts of the map. One of...