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  1. Ismaciodismorphus

    Australiumnized Water Barrel Props 5/18/2023

    Collection of the Hydro water barrel props reskinned to be Yellow and have a label designating it as containing a water australium solution.
  2. B

    Multi Stage cp_dustbowl_yellowbarrel 1.0

    From View: Literally just cp_dustbowl, but with that one specific red barrel now changed to a yellow one. Enjoy.
  3. Mercia

    Metanol A3 (fix2)

    Two teams fighting in a facility filled with explosive barrels to the brim. I think that kinda fits TF2's themes and silly humour. This is my first tf2 map. ~~~ Overwiew image:
  4. ethosaur

    Small Pirate prop pack A1

    Very early work in progress, some of the models have some UV maps set up but no textures yet. Im still learning to model, so this was just a practice. Feel free to texture, edit and try to finish the model(s) yourself. But please do credit me if you want to use them!
  5. Cynder loves Portal

    Explosive Barrels A2

    from Readme: How to use: Just copy the folders to to c:\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf
  6. Spike Nitros

    72hr the Two-pump terror 2017-02-13

    A double-barrel pump action shotgun! All the disadvantages of both and the benefits of neither in one clean package. Useable by all shotgun classes. Created by Spike Nitros, Thumbnail by Hotrod McCoolguy