72hr frontline

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  1. jony

    72hr koth_roughhouse a1

    Made for the Summer 2016 72 hour jam, Koth_RoughHouse is my first actual completed map that was not scrapped and abandoned. The map file is pretty big because everything, including custom assets, is packed into the file. Please give me any feedback and/or constructive critcism that you may have...
  2. Zack's!

    72hr koth_conquest _reupload

    koth_conquest it's a map i made for the frontline community operation and the 72hr TF2Jam, there is still some work to do but most of the map is done.
  3. the_rad

    72hr Koth_Reach_a4 A4

    I hate this map. I made it for the 72 hrs jam.
  4. Trippey

    72hr koth_cobble_canal A1_reupload

    This map is my entry into the 72 Hour Summer Jam; I was not able to finish the map in the 72 hour time frame but I plan on continuing the development of this map. Theme: Still need to work on the theme, however I plan on going to the Frontline WWII theme. Gameplay: I am looking for a server...
  5. Stan Ash

    72hr ctf_blitzkrieg 2016-07-24

    This is the first TF2 map I have ever 'finished'. I hope you enjoy, and feedback is greatly appreciated! (Note: I have left out a large number of health/ammo pickups, as I have left that for the community to decide. I probably wont finish this map completely, but I will try.