7.2 hour

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  1. Paper Shadow

    7Mayann (Layout) 7.2 Hour Contest

    Slightly More Time for Description, hurray time management... 7Mayann is a 2CP Arena map. I hoped to do something bigger, but I spent two hours being unhappy with what I was producing, so I made 7Mayann instead...
  2. dryerlint

    detail_raven A1

    An alpine map set at the entrance to an underground facility. 7.2hr contest detail submission.
  3. Funnystuf

    detail_spawnroom_funnystuf v1

    Just a simple spawnroom made for the 7.2 Hour contest. I'm not expecting it to win, or even come runner-up, but it was kinda fun getting more used to detailing.
  4. Paper Shadow

    7Temple (Detail) 7.2 Hour Contest

    No time for Description aaaaAaaaAAaaAAAaAAAAAAAAA...
  5. Funnystuf

    Papyrus v1

    A rotational Koth map made for the 7.2 hour contest! I don't know if I'm going to work on this again, but it was fun making it! Edit: Also, credit to A Boojum Snark for his gameplay resource library!
  6. Kube

    Oryx A1

    Layout Entry Winner of the TF2Maps.net Summer 2016 7.2 Hour Contest. Oryx is a KotH map with an Arabian theme. Uses content from the Whark Arabian Market Props set (Thanks ChemicalAlia) as well as from the Frontline! Supply Drop. ABS Pack and Frozen Map Startup Prefab also used. Uploaded to...
  7. imperialist

    solar_detail a1

    A map set at a solar power plant. Detail entry to the 7.2 hour jam.