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    === Post-jam update ===

    - Reverted to the dev textures of a3. The a4 textures were rushed in the last couple of hours of the jam and I'd rather go back and texture everything properly later when the layout is more refined.
    - Remade the spawn area, the yard in front of the original spawn building (and all other buildings in front) are now accessible by both teams.
    - The old spawn was kind of like if viaduct's spawn room covered the entire yard and the connectors to the yard which was really weird and confusing.
    - This should nerf the sniper balcony slightly as the enemy team can get behind. It should also make it slightly easier to push the cart when it's on the ramp close to spawn as you can push the defending team further back. To counter this slightly I have...
    - Made the small ramp near the enemy spawn a rollback zone.
    - To compensate for the weaker spawns.
    - Readded the medium health kit in the tower, inside a small cubby hole.
    - Might be optimised slightly better? I still have no idea what I'm doing in terms of optimisation so I'm a bit worried I've just made things slightly worse but we'll see.
    - Kill trigger doesn't persist after explosion
    - More lights
    - More asymmetry
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