plr_dipper a7a

An observatory?

  1. stargazing

    - Clipped most of the roof over the cap point so you can still walk along there, but not go way up the ramp gaining too much advantage over the last/the balcony. There's a railing to show how far you can go
    - ""Optimisation""
    - Increased size of door triggers
    - Clipping fixes
    - More lighting
    - Moved some spawn exits back
    - Added cart explosions so Thewtus doesn't get stuck on the cart, they just die instead
    - Reduced medium ammo in cart starting room to a small
    - Removed the medium med kit in the central tower
    - Added sirens on the rollback leading up to the final cap
    - I wanted the tall diagonal building to be more defendable/more interesting so added a raised platform
    - Moved cart track away from some walls

    Just over 4 hours left, will there be time for a4??
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