mvm_swirl rc1

Spire. Used Dayal's vmf

  1. a2

    Added path_tank_upper
    Added path_tank_lower
    Added path_tank_default
    Added path_tank_reverse
    path_tank_default follows the path of other bots
    path_tank_reverse uses the other path the bots dont use

    Added respawnvisualizers to the edge of the cliff. This will be active when wave_start_boss_relay is fired.

    Added wave_init_relay_lower
    Added wave_init_relay_upper
    Sets up the next wave with specific path. Can be used instead of wave_finished_relay

    Added trigger_hurt inside the 'tank cave' for collecting money

    Added two flanks near bomb hatch. Use bot_flank_r and bot_flank_l.

    Added relay_add_bomb. Adds one bomb that is same type as the active bomb. There is no limit to the number of bombs you can create.

    Bot teleporters placed beyond the gates will be destroyed upon gate capture.

    Fixed bots spawning inside gate before it is capped
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