Moonlight Valley A8b

Fight for an ancient mountain full of gold!

  1. Actually did it stuff

    Squidward... no wait
    My computer decided not to upload the Bsp file last time.
  2. Real stuff

    Squidward... no wait
    Whoops, I put the vmf file in instead of the Bsp file. sorry.
  3. Area-A stuff

    Squidward... no wait
    Did some stuff only to the first area:
    • Pushed Blu base back
    • removed or changed some bamboo props to walls
    • added a little bridge over the water
    • changed the Blu base doors so you can see through them
    • extended the cave area between area A and B 20200205184556_1.jpg 20200205184613_1.jpg (Above Pic: The new area-A. The bottom Pic: The cave between area A and B.)
  4. lots of stuff

    Squidward... no wait
    • Made Blu spawn smaller so red has more room to defend
    • made the passage between the first and second area smaller
    • Added a new passage between the first and second area
    • Made the water at first deeper
    • Made the water at second so that the part below the bridge does not kill but the water on the side of the cliff has been pushed down and does kill
    • Changed some medium health kits and last to smaller ones
    • Added more cover around the map
    • Added more lights around the...
  5. Finally-did-it stuff

    Squidward... no wait
    • Packed the map right
    • Changed the skybox (temporarily) due to an error that I was to lazy to fix (the lighting has not changed)
    • some other stuff that I forgot about
  6. Other stuff

    Squidward... no wait
    • detailed red's base a bit
    • added some props to block a sightline
    • something else I can't remember
  7. Little stuff

    Squidward... no wait
    • added more lights
    • made the water area around last a bit bigger 20191111190609_1.jpg
    Also, my last message wasn't what I wanted to say. I want to have an imp with this map but I need to know if I packed the map right so I want someone to download it and make sure they aren't greeted with Error sign's everywhere. Sorry that I didn't clarify what I wanted to say.
  8. More stuff

    Squidward... no wait
    • added more lights
    • added signs
    • added a small room on the bottom route to last
    • added a pillar on the top route to last
    • optimization
    Come on guys I need someone to tell me what I should improve or not! I can't get any help if no one downloads the map!
  9. some stuff

    Squidward... no wait
    • added a new route to last point
    • added more lights
    • moved some props
    20191110094820_1.jpg 20191110094809_1.jpg