koth_nippy a5a

It's nippy outside

  1. Making mid harder to lock down

    I dinne ken

    Overview of changes

    • Changed the pickups to less favour the defenders.
    • Small alterations to Mid.
    Specific changes

    Around Mid

    • Made the overhang accessible for attackers to use, it has a broken window which you can shoot out of. Added a small health to said overhang.
    • Added a wall to the supports of the overhang to block sniper sightlines and give attackers a bit more cover.
    • Removed the small health in the buildings that overhang over mid.
    • Changed the medium health and ammo to a small health and ammo in the railing room.
    Lobby area
    • Lit up the room which has the exit from the slide in it. Should mean people take the small health from there more frequently.
    • Added a full health and a medium ammo to the room with the roof you can get on top of.
    • Changed the medium ammo to a large in the room with the slide.
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