koth_Engineworks a2

A small KOTH map set on the bottom floor of an engine factory

  1. koth_Engineworks

    20190715024551_1.jpg 20190715024618_1.jpg 20190715024633_1.jpg 20190715024749_1.jpg Updated the map, with major changes, the most major being...

    -Made the map actually playable. Yeah, kinda important tbh. Some logic went wrong... I'd prefer not to talk about that.
    -Removed major sightlines with elevator shaft
    -Added elevator shaft
    -Made ramps have better geometry.
    -Completely reworked the large flank room to have more entrances and exits.
    -Created new flank.
    -Made the upper floor more closed and interesting.
    -Marked out clearly the capping area.

    -Also afterwards got rid of pesky leaks.
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