DynCP Echo a6

After months of failing to get the original idea for this map to work, I've scrapped it and started over from scratch.

Echo is now basically Degroot Keep but with guns set at a communication station hidden within a jungle. Blu team must capture both the satellite dish and antennae to unlock C and win. Red must stop them from doing this. After A and B are captured, C is unlocked for 60 seconds before resetting.

My ideas for making this game mode work outside of medieval mode was to try and make every area useful and keep the points close to each other but not right on top of each other. To do this, C is in it's own little room with the area round it being somewhat of a dangerous shortcut between A and B.

The dangers of this idea is that blu could end up spawn camping red or Red could only care about locking down that area and not give a crap about A or B.

I feel the C area is the weakest part of the map currently and will most likely be redone in the future. A may also need more paths in and out of that area. I'm pretty happy with B for the most part. I also fear that the map may be a bit on the small side. Not underscaled, but small.


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-fixed spawns so blu no longer spawns in red base (hopefully)
-added clip on stairs that I missed
-clipped pick up trucks around spawn areas to stop players from getting stuck behind them
-added point markers on the hud
-made points lock on the hud
-added visable timer for C
-remade spawn areas to shrink the map a bit and make the areas more interesting
-replaced nozzles at C with a large fan
-replace particles at C with custom particle by Exactol
-edited respawn times. Starting respawn time is now 10 seconds and lowers to 6 for attackers when C is unlocked, then returns to 10 when C closes.
-shortened respawn times
-edited point cap times. A and B are now 10 seconds and C is 15 seconds


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