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CP Moat PreA1

A 3CP attack/defense map taking place in a small, diverse farm town surrounded by a river.

  1. Pigzit
    A very work in progress map! Not much optimisation, and is still in a pre alpha state. However the map is indeed functional (for testing purposes) and is why I am posting it here. I will move it to an alpha stage once I have optimised it. Until then, this will do.

    A 3CP attack/defense map taking place in a diverse river town. Point A surrounds the the fishing/transport docks in the middle of the town, and the main trade building.
    Point B takes place in the farming and housing area, west of the river. There is lots of close range combat and indoor fights.
    Point C is in the downtown city/industrial area. The roads, factories, offices, and warehouses make for some strategic urban brawls.


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