asdcpelev a41

elevator steel

  1. a41

    You can no longer stand behind the console for sniper cover at B
    Fixed missing sign in red spawn
    Added some clippings near B
    Minor details around B and C
  2. a40

    Fixed D
    Added stairs to C point red side
    Fixed displacement
  3. a39

    Blue's A spawn exit improved
    C visibility improvement
    New entrance to C
    C-D stairs are now permanent
  4. a38

    Adjusted light in C
    Changed some textures
  5. a37

    Reworked C
    Added basic lighting and textures to A and B for area recognition
    Moved the rocket upward
  6. a36

    New entrance to C
    Smaller C
    Rocket on D that prevents op sentry wrangle spot from seeing more than the point
    Added a balcony after C capture at D
    misc fixes
  7. a35

    Added custom handrails to the final point that comes with 4 skins. Might release soon. lmk
    Added glass to one of the windows. Only half, just enough to block stupid sightline from blue's entrance to red spawn.
    Red can now use the B spawn exit from the start of the game. Experimental change.
  8. a34

    Added a sign inside red spawn leading to B
    Red spawn teleport triggers make a bit more sense and covers more area
    Fixed some visible nodraws
  9. a33

    Red spawnroom expanded. Dropdown from A exit to D exit. 14 seconds rotation.
  10. a32

    Fixed displacement seam
    Fixed blue team being able to get teleported when red spawn moves from C to D