Abridged a13

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Mid is now shrunk
Reverted robots to _a11 version but made additional changes:

  • point cap is now 200
  • one full wipe of robots adds to ~86 points
  • A bots drop a total of 12 points, B bots a total of 24 points, C bots a total of 48 points
nothing much
New mid pathing
Adjusted robot health
Other things
Small updates. Also I bloated the filesize
Probably the contest version.
MID changes
Segmented mid more
mid is cooler now
This new version has a fence, sandier cliffs, and the exact same frog as last time.
Here are the changes:

+New Mid, cutting down the overall map size down significantly
+New Routes
+Lots of new signage
+Now 100 Cores needed to Win, down from 256
+Upgraded Core Alarm System

+Robots have had their drop amounts adjusted:
  • A robots drop 3 cores (3x3 = 9 total possible cores)
  • B robots drop 6 cores (3x6 = 18 total possible cores)
  • C robots drop 12 cores (2x12 = 24 possible cores
In total, there are 8 robots and 51 cores per team up for grabs. This means that two successful sweeps are enough for a team to win a game as long as they keep their Core safe.

hl2 2020-05-05 02-13-54-46.png

hl2 2020-05-05 02-22-59-68.png
hl2 2020-05-05 02-14-07-47.png

hl2 2020-05-05 02-13-39-59.png

hl2 2020-05-05 02-14-20-64.png


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