cp_neighbor b3

2cp map in a city inspired by San Francisco and Montreal

  1. Segab
    My first full fledged TF2 map. A single-stage 2cp attack-defend map, set in a city at night. The idea is that both teams spawn in apartment buildings and the fights happen in the things that got built between them. Inspired by San Francisco and Montreal, for the weirdly shaped streets next to a river, and some of the architecture.

    Point A: set between an old packing facility and a condo under construction, over a death pit
    Point B: set in the communal area of an Hotel next to a cliffside

    I'm using this row for the Connect 5 contest:

    I'm using a few props from the Construction and Frontline packs.

    neighbor_b3_01.png neighbor_b3_02.png neighbor_b3_03.png neighbor_b3_04.png neighbor_b3_05.png neighbor_b3_06.png neighbor_b3_07.png neighbor_b3_08.png neighbor_b3_top.png

Recent Updates

  1. Detailing for connect5 submission
  2. more work on skybox, Hotel lobby
  3. oops forgot to toggle clips in b1