Yay upload! And learning stuff.

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    As a way of saying 'thank you' to everyone who helps keep us running, we have re-added the direct upload service for all donors.

    You can find the link at the top-page bar of stuff. With this, you can add maps directly to the server. So contributing a little bit means you will no longer have to pm me for map requests, or wait for our official weekend test days.

    Just add your map, hop on the server w/ some friends, and vote to change. On that note, server stability means our testing has gotten more flexible. You can add your requests for the coming weekend here; http://forums.tf2maps.net/showthread.php?t=4289

    Our new events went pretty well all points considered, and I definitely want to try them again. And like most good things, it was also a learning experience. For example, I learned that expecting people who sign up for an event to remember it a week later is perhaps asking too much. That said, our next tournament and in-game chat will be far more organized. Props to everyone who did turn up eventually though, as I think it was still pretty fun. Lastly, don't forget that we're working on a second letter to Valve; http://forums.tf2maps.net/showthread.php?t=4249
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    So the redirect upload also uploads it to the server?
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    could you link to the server for our events? I dont have it in my favorites
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    US TF2Maps.net Server:

    On the front page, on the left, above the pyro.
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    the server upload isnt live yet. but the one to the redirect is.