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Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by Wurghel, Sep 25, 2010.

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    For starters, this is unfinished. :O I'd guess 60% complete. I procrastinated WAY too much and seemed to get busier and busier with school as the deadline approached. So some areas are just huge blank... blankety blanks.

    The original intention of the map (which you can't tell) was for it to be a sandvich factory. Lo and behold due to time constraints, it turned out to be... not so much that.

    Of course, starting on it two weeks ago was probably not a good idea. :laugh: I intended to work on it all night tonight but I'm too exhausted.

    Well, enjoy what's there. Thanks for lookin'. I'm going to go dip my strained eyes in a bucket of cold water and have nightmares about Hammer.
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    Nice concept, wish it could have been more finished. I like your geometry changes.