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    I was brainstorming ideas for a new game mode, and came upon this: A CP/KoTH/TC hybrid!

    OK, so there are 5 zones, each placed linearly in a line. The game starts with a skirmish over the middle zone. It plays like a KoTH map, holding the point for 3 mis gives you the win. Whoever wins that round pushes in to the enemy's base. There, once again, there is a symmetrical KoTH round. If the same team wins, then it continues to a base assault round, where, similar to TC, only one team can cap to one or two points (undecided). If the team who pushed in to the area loses a round, they are pushed back to the entrance round, or the middle round. What really makes this similar to TC is that there are 5 UNIQUE areas, so if blue is winning, then the game is played totally different than if red is winning.

    -Is this possible entity-wise
    -Would it be fun
    -What issues do you see that could pop up while I map for this?
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    Hmm ... if it could be done, that could be pretty cool. It seems like it would solve a LOT of the problems that Hydro (mentioned of course because it's the only official TC map) has, especially by having each stage be symmetrical (save the understandably asymmetrical A/D final rounds). The KOTH-centered gameplay might also be better than the craziness that is the 2CP push in Hydro's stages.

    One issues I could see is having it end up feeling like a really big 5CP push divided into 5 stages. If the stages were different within the RED and BLU sides of the map though, that would help avoid that. I do like the idea of KOTH-based TC. :)
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    Linear TC isn't TC. It defeats the whole point and is boring. (it's been tried)