would anyone like to use this half made map? (RED Brewery)

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無敗 Muhai

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Feb 11, 2017

Reference: V V V

download link: V V V

-current state: vsh map-

I started this project a few years ago but I cannot really call myself a mapper. When it comes to detailing, it doesn't take long for me to get bored.

There are no mechanics set up in the map. I pretty much just added all the props and some textured buildings.

My current idea is for one side to be mainly the office portions of the factory, while the other consists of the machines and conveyors of beer bottles and being boxed up (also the cargo loading docks)

I'm asking if anyone would like to use this hammer file for literally anything, trade server, vsh, or hell maybe even a death run. I really just like the concept of making a brewery themed map and I'd hate for the idea to go the waste.

If it isn't too much, I'd just like to be credited for the concept in the end. Thanks for reading!