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    Hey everyone--most of you don't know me (I've shown up a few times--but the most identifiable thing I could be associated with is my Joke's on You video in the Saxxy awards at the moment). Now then, I've started working on a Team Fortress 2 mod that involves adding taunts to tauntless weapons and getting a more diverse amount of taunts in the game. However, one person's preferences and thoughts alone don't make for a good mod. I want opinions and suggestions from numerous communities--and this seems like a tip-top community for producing fantastic ideas and results.

    Now then, here's a few videos of my work so far
    (These are not "replays", I have no intent for view farming, I got that achievement with the Saxxy's)

    Now then, I'm currently able to assign any voice line to any taunt--and in the second video, this is seen.

    Now then, for you TF2ers, I'd like to hear some feedback on the current project--as well as ideas for what lines you'd like to see muttered with certain taunts--and what weapons!

    Feedback is wholeheartedly appreciated!
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