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    Well here it is:

    Successor to sd_wich, sister project to sd_wash.
    Technically for the MvA competition, but I simply don't have the detailing skill yet to finish it. Nor do I really have the time with school.

    It's a vertical special delivery map. Australium sits at the bottom, elevator is on the second level, and you ride the elevator to the third level for the win.

    Thematically, that direction makes the most sense, but I had also thought about doing a downward direction which would basically be the opposite. Maybe I'll try that after the contest.
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    sd_wash was cool and I'm sad there was never a thread for it. If you don't feel like you have the detail skill or time to finish either map, you could always look for someone to collab with or throw them into the orphaned map repository for someone else to finish.