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[WiP] PL_Stillwater

Discussion in 'WIP (Work in Progress)' started by JesusaurusRex, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. JesusaurusRex

    JesusaurusRex L1: Registered

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    This is my first map. It's also in a pretty early stage compared to some of the other WiPs here - but I'd like to know I'm going in the right track.

    I've had this idea brewing for a while for a map where Red tries to blow up something big -- something that wasn't just another Blu base. I thought a Dam would be an interesting setting for a map. But a completed Dam is neither interesting nor sensible (Why would Blu wait so long?) so I've decided to make the entire Dam 'under construction'.

    The beginning third of the map is entirely outdoors and, I'll admit, I'm not sure how it'll work in-game -- but I'll try to keep it from becoming a sniperfest. The second two thirds is all interior. Red starts at the left arm and pushes the cart to the right arm, and then up inside the Dam itself.

    So far I've really only gotten the skeleton of the Right arm done so far, the rest is all in place to help give me an idea of space and will all be entirely re-done.

    Comments and Criticism certainly welcome - this is as much a learning experience for me as it is anything else.




  2. Vander

    Vander L8: Fancy Shmancy Member

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    Looks like it has the potential to be epic!

    Type this in the console when you want to take screenshots:

    sv_cheats 1
    cl_drawhud 0
    r_drawviewmodel 0
  3. Sgt Frag

    Sgt Frag L14: Epic Member

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    Looks great. I'm working on a dam map also (arena) and it is deffinately a challenging setting to optimize becasue of the wide open spaces. Mines a bit smaller so it's eaier to block snipers view. But down along the bottom I'd probably add more vehicles just for 'natural' cover. Darksideofyourshadow released his flatbed truck, that would be a good prop for you to use.

    I really like the rebar sticking out of the pillars, makes it look like a construction site right off, no question.

    To limit snipers you might wanna fence off everything between the garage to the dump truck too. Player clip it. Snipers could still rule from the garage door area but if you give them that whole bottom part it could be ugly.

    Maybe put a 'work trailer' behind the sode can in first shot. Like you see on large job sites.
    That would be a big block of cover that would make sense. Maybe 2 of them.
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