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    Although there are some screenshots of the first map. THey're all dev textures still. So it won't be neccesarry.

    Summary :
    - Blu Attacks
    - 3 rounds
    - Setting : Desert/canyon (hydro like)

    Short description:

    Blu is trying to make more money by trying to build hydro electric damns in major canyons so they can compete with the vastly growing RED's department.

    While BLu made their dam, the river that now flowed only 50% of it's orriginal speed and height. Gave Red the oppertunity to install a forward base further back in the canyon where Blu had build their dam.
    This forward base has been equiped with a very big guided missile. Pointed at the base of the dam.

    Blu is going to have to deliver a payload to this red missile if they ever wish to compete with bluagain.​

    3 Stages :
    1) The entrance of the Dam's main HUB to the entrance to the cliffs. 2 CP's

    2) A CLiffside path taking you right next to blu's dam over a bridge.
    then entering the caves wich will lead to the red base (2 CP's)

    3) Starting at the back of the caves. Entering a little quary, blu has to take the payload onto an elevator taking them a level down below.
    Opening the path to RED's final base and the rocket silo.

    Update history
    - Alpha Stage 1 released

    - Fixed a bug where RED didn't win after timeout
    - Added standard cubemaps
    - Added a billboard with some useless info
    - Performance of the map has been increased
    - The middle ledge is no-longer passable
    - Added ammo and health packs
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    Even with dev textures, I'd like to see screenshots, to get a first idea of the map
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    Stage 1:
    2nd Capture point || Right behind the shack with the first cap point
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Blu control HUB !! Cap 1
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Alternate path to the redbase
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    Played this, and I'll have to say that it was really poor. There was no setup time, the round just started. The first part was really smooth, before it completely stopped in an awful chokepoint (that cave). The first part was pretty enjoyable, because of the flow. You should try building further on that.