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WIP - mlt_headquarters

Discussion in 'WIP (Work in Progress)' started by Beet, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. Beet

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    The aim of this map is to give the players an alternate experience whilst trying to stay in the confines of the normal game types. It's supposed to be fun and something different, that's the top priority. I admit I'm a newby when it comes to Hammer and this is my first puplicly shown map but these forums have been incredibly helpful, alot of good guides and tutorials. Now, onto the map;


    The mlt is short for Multi, meaning there are multiple ways to win the map. Right now, only planning to have a mixture of CP and CTF, athough in future (AKA once I've learnt more about Hammerr/got an accomplice) another map may be made which involves the PL game type aswell as CP and CTF (exactly HOW that will work is still to be worked out).


    After running a couple of tests, it is possible to have both CP and CTF in the same game and have either of the modes complete the round. The current plan is to have a room with intel at each base plus a room outside of the base with a single CP in it. Number of CPs may change..


    At the moment, there are four (official) game types. Control Point, Capture The Flag, Arena and Payload. Although working with the fundemental game types of FPS' (except Payload, which is loosely based on one) they are all usually the same, some maps trying to break the rules a little (cp_steel) and others being player additions from the usual game modes (Deathmatch, for example). It's all well and good to play them, but it's always nice to have something to come along and spice things up a bit.

    Personally, I dislike Steel as it, to me, is a little more complicated than needed in a game such as TF2, so a more simple yet different gameplay experience was needed. Quickly learning the basics of Hammer, I tried to make a map which -might- do that, so here's mlt_headquarters.

    Please note, these are early screenshots and there's still so much that needs to be done, sorry about the textures :mellow:

    In picture: General overview of the map. Blu building right/closest, Red barn right/furthest

    In picture: Blu base and front building for CP, to the right Red barn, picket fence and front building for CP

    In picture: Red barn with open barn doors, picket fence and sniper windows, in the background is the Blu front building for CP and road (Red front building will have dirt road)

    In picture: Red barn door close up for size comparison (200 units high)

    In picture: Looking over outer wall of Blu base for size comparison (80 units high)

    Other measurements: Blu base height/896u, Red barn height/797u, height of front buildings/224u, size of current plot/2965.3 x 3776.0

    Future plans of the map: Add displacement cliffs around area, underground tunnels (for future Payload?), respawn areas, something to cut up the area around each base (rocks? Construction equipment? More buildings? All of the above?), water -somewhere-, optimization, skybox, custom mission briefing, textures, find slave to do everything (not all in that order).

    Thanks for reading, any and all feedback accepted and if anyone wants to help then a forewarning, I get confused easily ::p:
  2. Icarus

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    Looks interesting, but I'm worried about what you're going to do about the HUD.

    For the future, when posting screens of an orange map w/o any lighting, use the Shaded Textures Camera. It makes it a lot easier to discern where the planes end and where corners are.
  3. laghlagh

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    I think he's using the blendmeasure dev textures or something, who doesn't cast shadows.

    Sounds good!
  4. MangyCarface

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    Couple things:
    Plot size is off grid? Huuuuge no-no
    It is very difficult to teach players new tricks, especially map objectives. How do you intend to approach this, when you say even steel is too complicated?
    The fence is too heavily brushwork. What purpose does it serve and how can you reduce it to props/make it smaller?
    Your barn is on an odd number of units tall, meaning you're building on gridsize 1. Use -at least- gridsize 8 for devwork. You're setting yourself up for optimization and detailing complications!

    Keep it up~
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