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    I am currently working out a new game play mode. Not something overly complicated, but rather intuitive and easy, and probably lots of fun.

    It is a payload style map. But not your basic attack/defense map.

    one Grey cart starts in the middle with track leading to your own base and your opponents base.
    the object is to push the cart all the way into to the other team's base.

    so basically a capture scheme like granary, but with a payload cart.

    now I've ran into some issues. I would have one central cappoints, and then 2 more on each side.

    the biggest issue I have it with the trainwatcher. only supporting 3 capture points, this is insufficient, and I don't think it will work seamlessly for both directions.

    lets say the track looks like this:


    cart starts in cappoint C that starts out neutral, AB is red, DE is blu.

    if cart is pushed between 2 and 3, C becomes blu, if it gets pushed back between 3 and 4, C becomes neutral, if between 4 and 5 C becomes red. Advancing spawns are available for whoever owns C.

    now how would I get this into a watcher?
    I've been thinking, perhaps I could use 2 watchers?
    cart pushed over 4 towards 5, watcher A is actived showing C-D-E(3-4-5-6) progress like a game where blu would defend and red would attack.
    cart pused over 3 in the direction of 1, watcher B would be activated showing (C-B-A)4-3-2-1.

    I will test this out and let you know the results.

    If I get this to work, Im gonna create a map around it that is gonna look awesome! ;)
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    not really sure if a watcher works on a backwards path(that starts on a parent and continues through to first child.

    I am now trying to put a sidetrack in the middle so the cart gets turned around, and the path gets branched the other way. The major problem with this, is the possibility for the defending team to push back the cart. as I have to change the values passed on (negative positive) that control the speedDirAccel, in one half one team needs to push positive, and the other push back(negative) when the cart is on the other half, it has to be the other way around.
    but if a watcher should just also work on a backwards path, this wont be an issue.

    perhaps a third option would be to create 2 capareas, and disabling/enabling them. yeah ill do that.
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    I'm also trying the same thing (with a switch. ;)) but I've yet to try it in game.

    If you tell the watch that the first CP is red's cap and last is blue's cap and then start the cart at the middle cap that might convince the watcher that it's starting them in the center.

    As to your problem with CP's, valve has only allowed three CP's plus start and end (afaik) for PL. There was an update that increased it by one, but i'm not sure what number it brought it up to.