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    Moving discussion to this forum instead of the maps forum.

    Ok, so the map is called ctf_system.
    quoting myself from the previous thread:
    This is my CTF map, the first thing you'll notice is the lasergrids wherein the intelligence is beeing held. The goal of this map is to turn off the enemy lasersystem to gain access to the intel for a breif moment (a few seconds).
    The intel is visible for all players and constantly reminds them what needs to be done so that the game does not lose focus on the ctf mechanics.

    The easy part is getting the intel home but the hard part is to reach it in the first place. That's atleast how I planned it, we'll see how that works with this beta here.

    It also demands great teamplay as It could be very hard for a single player to both deactivate and escape, but If a team cooperates it should be no problems at all.
    I expect and hope the rounds on this map to be quite short and actionfilled.

    Here's the pictures:

    and here's the download:

    To do list:
    • Fix terrain, make new displacements (probably all of them).
    • Make the map area blend better with the skybox.
    • TF2'ify some custom textures.
    • Award players for deactivating the system.
    • Make sniping harder.
    • detail brushwork to make the bases look less copy+pasted
    • overall lightning fixes, incl. reducing coloured lightning.
    • Optimizing (as always)

    Things I wonder about:
    • Does the soundscape sound wierd or is it ok as is? [edit: I just noticed the soundscape file is broken, will be fixed in the next release]
    • How bad is the fps drop in the middle area? I haven't even begun any real optimizing of the map but the middle area would probably have the worst fps.
    • The underground tunnel, too short?
    • Do I need additional exits from the respawns? If so, I need advice on where to put them.
    • I've tried to eliminate the need for crouchjumping but i might have missed something so tell me there is such area.

    If there's something that's not on my to do list but you think is important, please drop a comment and don't forget to suggest how I can make it better, I'm not a mind reader so comments like "that building on the left stinks" would be more helpful if it included a tip or two on how to make the smell go away.

    I'll be looking forward to see some criticism on my map, good or bad doesn't matter just tell me what you think.
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    That looks great, and the laser grid twist is a great one.

    The brushwork is very solid, but I think the lighting colors are too deep and saturated. I think your level would look more professional and consistent if the lights were in more pale tones.

    I really like the interior look in the third pic but I think the floor texture (with the light blue squares) sticks out like a sore thumb. It doesn't match the other blues and it draws too much attention to the floor. I'd recommend sticking with the plain gray like in the other room.

    Other than that, looks very solid, and can't wait to see the finished project!
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    After gameday I got quite a few suggestions on how to improve.
    Just thought I should give a heads up on what's going on atm.

    The deactivate/restored sound is gone, it was annyoing as hell. BUT now it's too quiet, I think a sound notification is a must but I got no ideas for what to put there, some suggestions would be great.

    The closed doors in the "left" respawn are now working. Only opens from the inside.

    The blue tile texture has been scrapped and replaced with concrete.

    Smokestacks is blue base has been moved into the spawn (where there are no enemies to focus on) since they caused lag for some ppl.

    I've redone all the displacements, should be easier to make the ditches look less square now. (This is still in progress, only done the red side so far)

    The brick houses on the red base has been replaced with a more valve-like setting, I'm planning to make it fit into a mountain of some sort.

    Did some additional player clip work, snipers can no longer hide behind the vents and some other fixes so that they're more limited in movement on the roof, still working on this too.


    Some other things i'd like to comment on that ppl pointed out on the gameday:

    "The intel returns too soon!": No, I don't think so. You have to remember that as soon as the intel is grabbed, it's practically already outside the base, the map is small so both teams are very near a dropped intel so if the 'defending' team can hold them off for just 15 seconds then they have done a great job in my opinion. This also forces the fast pacing I want in the map.

    "heavy can't deactivate and grab the intel!": wrong, he actually can with something like 0.5-1 second margin (on the best of conditions, where nothing is in his way). And yes, this is with fists. The chance of escaping is much greater if he uses the shotgun and gets a few yards headstart.

    "I don't like the dark textures": Yeah, well.. They are staying until I get some reasons to why they should be changed (they were gray/white in alpha). Right now they serve as a great way to have contrast between the sharp laser color and background. With white/brighter textures it was harder to see if the system was on when just throwing a quick glance.

    "It doesn't let you stay inside the lasercube :(": yeah, I had to do it this way because else a demoman could use stickies to blast himself through the first set of lasers, grab the intel and die at the same time, leaving the intel by the edge so another teammate could pick it up without turning off the system. which is the point of the map. somehow or another, if there's only a trigger_hurt the intel can still be stolen by crazy demomen and his pals. So I put a big invisible block inside the cube so that no matter how fast you're going, there's no way to pass thru the cube.. as a side effect this also kills anything within the cube when the laser activates.


    I still haven't fixed the lighting (I really hate doing that part of mapping) but I promise I'll get to it, don't worry.

    Thanks for the great gameday, It was a blast and no boring stalemates occured (not even close!). I shall mourn for the people who tried to capture the intel in their own lasergrid :)
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    reminds me of old UT and TFC maps. Not sure if thats a good thing, or a bad thing.
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    Bold goes to the Bold quotes and the underlined goes to the Underlined quotes.

    If you want my Honest opinion I loved this feature, of being able to Climb around up on the buildings, It gives you a Feeling of being there and being able to take control of your environments to your Advantage, When I first played it and found out I could do it, I was like This is Awesome!

    Maybe you can make a Little Block, In the center of the Laser Grid(where the Intel Is) That can fit 1-2 people, Thats like a Safe Zone inside the Laser grid?

  6. Ravidge

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    I have barely done any work in hammer for a week now but thanks for the comment.

    Ok, the thing with climbing the buildings. Just as you I thought that it would be great to be able to walk around there. however with some playtesting it showed ppl got confused and angry because they couldnt figure out where the hell the snipershot came from.
    By clipping off these parts of the map, players should easier know where to expect snipers and then act accordingly. Also, since it was so cluttered up there with props and whatnot, I thought it distracted me while playing, having to pay attention to the 'background' as a playable zone.

    And since the last post I've accually fixed the lasergrid security-box, It is now possible to stand inside it, but the space is VERY limited (smaller than it looks for technical reasons). I seriously doubt there is any person (going after the flag) with reflexes fast enough to see the lasers flash back and then stop without touching the hurt trigger. So this is a kind of pointless fix.

    added some more signs pointing to the cap zone too.

    And another thing: I don't think i'll be adding the touch activate to the button. Unless there is a great way out there to stop cloaked and/or disguised spies from pushing it, It just isn't fair if an invisible player can shut it off. If someone can point me to solution for this I'm willing to listen.