[WIP] ctf_push (56k warning - image heavy)

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    This is a project I'm pouring all my effort into, and for a change from all the other WIP threads I'll show you practically everything, including the stuff nowhere near complete :D

    Since it's currently not close to being runnable, I'll just post some hammer shots.

    The red spawnroom: took inspiration with the ceiling from tc_hydro, the rest of the stuff is your generic spawnroom spytech spammage. Door in the centre of the screen heads out into the main base building.

    Another shot of the spawnroom, this with another corridor heading towards the intel and main action area of the map.

    Outside of the spawnroom is the main base, in this you can see the basic layout. Capture point for the enemy team is to the right, intelligence to the left, stairs to the upstairs area on the right too. This area is still (obviously) lacking lighting and detail (computers set into the wall, poking out func_details and such).

    Upstairs area, eventually will have windows on both sides (one looking towards the center, the other looking towards the capture point, possibly with a catwalk, haven't decided yet). Still lacking a few more lights, although I'm hoping the window lighting might cover some of that. Still needs some more detail on the ceiling, too.

    Closer look at the window visible in the above screenshot -- those are move_rope "power cables".

    This is the area at the far side of the base from the spawn room, just a little place for spies to hide and regenerate their cloaks or for an engineer to build a sentry to stop the enemy trying to sneak around the long way instead of going past the spawn door. Area still lacking lights and I obviously need to realign the gutter props.

    Aaand the hideous reverse angle shot. Needs work, obviously.

    The capture point, raised up to make it harder to reach for the enemy team. Still needs lighting and a lot more work. Eventually it will have a ceiling, too.

    The reverse angle again.

    Spawn exit directly ahead, base exit to the left. The huge block there is going to be a building of some description eventually, and to the right is the building containing the intel.

    Another reverse angle. Behind the fence will eventually be filled with detail.

    http://dumpedimage.com/uploads/1/intel room.PNG
    The building containing the intel. Of course this one is the least done of all. The few props littered around are remnants of an older version which I completely scrapped after deciding it was too small.

    Pointless reverse angle.

    As is plainly obvious I still need to add all the hint brushes, cubemaps, area portals (if I learn how to use them), occluders (ditto), a 3d skybox and such, but that's why we call it a WIP eh? :)

    So anyway, I need some positive feedback (albeit if you have to lie your arse off) to motivate me to keep going with this thing.
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    looks like tons of work ahead of you but hey it'll get there, ..if you really need some motivation.. I suggest you detail a a certain part of the level that you really like to final standards. A sort of hollideck or content corridor, that way it'll give you reference point as to how your level will ultimately look. Though it may be a waste of time if you need changes, but if you ever have your doubts, just go look at that certain area and hopefully change your mind. Works for me at least.
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    Push was a fun map when people actually played it correctly. Lot of times people seemed to think it was called dm_push though.

    I would caution on the middle point (which i beleive the last 2 shots are of) that it might be a little too big. Of course the middle point was somewhat large in the original, but i dont remember it being that wide. Course it might look smaller with all the stuff youll add to it later.

    I am curious as to how you have determined the dimensions of your map. Took me a good deal of time trying to approximate the dimensions for my remake, did you have a decompiled version to look at or you playing it by ear?

    Looking good thus far, I'll be looking forward to updates.
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    what are you gonna do about the ball?
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    I'm forced to use the intelligence, unfortunately.

    Anyway, revamped the spawnroom.

    Before: 1 2
    After: 1 2

    Slightly better, doncha think?