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[wip] CTF_Its_A_Trap (collab)

Discussion in 'WIP (Work in Progress)' started by Robadob, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. Robadob

    Robadob L1: Registered

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    The map will be made up of a 5 x 5 grid of rooms, each room has an interior volume of 320 x 320 x 320 (can have space below to fall into for death or something)and contains something fun/trapish inside.
    4 exits each is 128 high 64 wide and 128 from each side of the wall (height on wall don't matter too much)


    room1 - Trap doors in chess board fashion (after being in room for 10-30 seconds they all open and you fall onto spike/hurt if your on one of the trap doors and die.(By Robadob)

    room2 - Floor breaks after you leave each square (floor respawns when room is empty)(By Robadob)

    room3 - Some floor is real other is illusionary.(By Robadob)

    room4 - centre of room contains a light, when light is red red players are healed 25 health per second and blue players instantly die, when blue blue heal and red die. The light changes randomly between every 10 - 30seconds (By Robadob)(this room never seems to work, only spent about 10 minutes on it though)

    room5 - Room full of water (By Robadob)

    room6 - Easy jump wall (other classes can pass with help of engineer) (By Robadob)

    room7 - Laser room (unfinished)

    room8 - Floor appears as you walk onto it (bit buggy occasionally floor does not die, cause = unknown)(By Robadob)

    room9 - Floor spikes randomly pop up which insta kill(By Robadob)

    room10 - Amazing pro rocket jump room (By Cyrex)

    room11 -
    room12 -
    room13 -
    room14 -
    room15 -
    room16 -
    room17 -
    room18 -
    room19 -
    room20 -
    room21 -
    room22 -
    room23 -
    room24 -
    room25 -

    If you're going to make a room because you can probably have better ideas than me :/ post what the rooms going to be so i can assign you a room number. Also make sure the room is 520x520 and the height is variable but if it doesn't matter also make it 520. Just use dev textures please, if you want to use some custom textures just make sure they aren't like furry or anything.

    -Name entities starting with room<number> (no spaces or.'s please)
    -Rooms not to be wider/longer than 320x320
    -No repeats of stuff posted by other people
    [highlight]Resource for anyone who wants to make a room[/highlight] -

    [highlight]Planned Rooms[/highlight]
    -Room where walls come together and crush you
    -Room with 1 floor panel that moves between door ways
    -Basic dark/player clip maze
    -Room with train like that of Well(maybe no longer possible due to corridors not teleports)
    -Room with like flashing lights and stuff

    It doesn't matter if you suck at mapping just have a go if you've got an idea that's good i'm sure someone else might do it if you ask.

    [highlight]Vague plan/layout guide[/highlight]


    next ill sort the respawn rooms and flag rooms then get back to the final 15 rooms.

    Inspiration is from Cyrex, he's just started mapping :v:

    'I've just copied most of my thread from its main wip thread so some formatting maybe incorrect'

    my main/original thread -
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  2. Juice

    Juice L4: Comfortable Member

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    <-- idiotic comments aren't wanted -->
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  3. Ida

    aa Ida deer

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    I don't doubt that you will come up with some nice ideas for the rooms, but honestly it sounds more like Mario Party than Team Fortress 2.
  4. drp

    aa drp

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    is this like the movie 'cube' ?
  5. joshman

    joshman L5: Dapper Member

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    Hm... I might have something i could submit while i'm working on saltbasin (Don't Ask).
  6. Shmitz

    aa Shmitz Old Hat

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    I see many methods of punishing players listed. What is going to be in the map that rewards players? In other words, why do you believe this concept will be fun to play and keep players interested?
  7. psihomir

    psihomir L4: Comfortable Member

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    I'm thinking of a room with the floor divided into, say 7x7 squares which go as deep as the height of the room and randomly move up and down. So a pillar can crush you at the ceiling if you stand on it when it's moving up. Also, they move down faster than the players fall, so if you're standing on one while it's falling, you can suffer fall damage.
  8. Dox

    Dox L8: Fancy Shmancy Member

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    This sounds like a fun concept for a single player level...
    are you sure about the size of the rooms? 320 x 320 isn't terrible spacious...
  9. Spike

    Spike L10: Glamorous Member

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    Hey come on, death_run maps for CSS are fun to play. That's cool idea, fun maps are always welcom. Prefer this one instead of orange_shits
  10. Shaar

    Shaar L3: Junior Member<BR>toboruin

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    The main problem I have with maps like this are that either the challenges are too hard to do and become monotonous, or that once you've done all the rooms, the map becomes boring and you dont wanna play it any more (The main problem I have with the "Bestinclass" map.

    also, it seems a little tedious that you have to get from your spawn, to there intel, back to your intel, without dying.

    also, the red light, blue light one would seem annoying due to the insta death of blues if the red light is on. maybe you should remove that feature, so that that way, if a red and blue were together, the blues will have a harder challenge when the red light is on. Unless there's a way to tell what's going on in said room.
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