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    Alright, so I'm leaning the ins and outs of hammer, having finally gotten off my rear and started mapping. (I'd been plotting maps back when I thought it a much, much more complex process than hammer has turned out to be. Back when TFC & NS were SoTA.)

    So, this is my first real effort off of graph paper. (I would be trying to make one for Dystopia, but it started crashing whenever I made a new object or entity.) A fairly basic CTF map.

    As such, I'm looking for some feed back from an actual group of people.

    Also, two things: I haven't figured out how to assign camera views, so current the spec cam starts off outside the world if no one has joined a team yet.

    And I know the ramps to the cap/intel are likely to become demo slaughter points. In trying to decide how best to incorporate a tunnel system underneath the current main area. I'm thinking an entrance under both side forts, and the bride span, connecting basically straight into the data room or it's floor.

    Cap zones are currently marked with the same |///| texture the window sides are. I tried my bast to make sure things were always created with [no draw] skinned to every side, but I know I missed a couple. As such, I'm interested in any areas that would cause issues during play.

    In short, thanks in advance for the help. Hope you enjoy my creation at least a little.


    And a few preview pics.
    http://s98.photobucket.com/albums/l249/andrewfireborn/CTF Bunker 15/
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    Must say, it looks to be a good start. I especially like the tower in pic 7. As for avoiding the slaughter points, you usually need a couple entrances. Or just make them bigger. You definitely have the basic layout down. The next step is the hardest, turning it into a real map :p Start playing with the textures, and add a few large props for landmarks. Looking forward to seeing the update on this one :)
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    No mans land looks awefully open. It looks intimidating to cross.