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    Hey all, im working on a remake of 2fort, and ive posted a pre-alpha build on fpsbanana


    copypasted fpsbana comment:

    The theory behind this: in Valve's ctf_2fort, when a turtling match plays out, you'll be lucky to get into the enemies basement to get the intelligence, let alone get back out again.
    This remake substitutes the basement for a 2nd floor at the top of the fort, making escaping with the intel rather simpler.

    Apart from the new 2nd floor, the base has largely the same layout as ctf_2fort, so it shouldnt be too confusing for players.

    I was planning to just release a basic floorplan level to get feedback on how the new layout worked, but then I figured that some people would enjoy the challenge of playing with unbalanced bases - blue only has a little shack while red has the full fort.

    I expect red to succesfully spawncamp blue in less than 3 minutes =)

    Blues intel is beneath the bridge, red intel is on the top floor - follow the usual 2fort routes

    The map should be fully functional and playable (if unblanaced), but its a little sparse on details, and the skybox was thrown together hurridly so is a bit ugly.

    So i'm after feedback on what people think of the idea, if i should abandon the project now (lol) or how to improve the layout and playability.
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    Personally I hold that intel should be relatively easy to get to, but hard as shit to run all the way back to your base. This may be an opinion thing, though
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    You're taking a risk with the unbalanced bases. Not much fun if you ask me.
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    You're probably setting your heart on this but i beg of you to make an original map. It's not your job to fix Valve's broken gameplay issues. Turtling only occurs because of the scoring system design valve has in place (rewarding people too highly for kills rather than flag running), not the map itself. Getting out of the enemy base is never as much of a problem as getting in, even on instant spawn servers i've not had a problem, once you're in, it's just a matter of legging it. Maybe you'll die once or twice, but you'll more than likely do it.

    Though, it was never much of a good thing moving the capture area all the way into the middle of the base (from the battlements), but i suppose it sorts out snipers delaying a flag capture and even preventing it like they used to in TFC.

    People want to see something new.
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    ...and there's already a remake of it... 2fort_classic.
  6. Altaco

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    Which replicates the original 2fort. This is some sort of re-layout. Not a remake.
  7. Sniper_John_Uk

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    Really? Soon as you hear the announcer tell you that someone coming out, just watch your hud arrow to tell which one of the two routes your taking, and go and guard it, spam rockets etc. Both exits are narrow corridors so its easy to defend.

    I was planning to just release a basic floorplan level to get feedback on how the new layout worked
    Its only for the WIP, didnt want to retuxture the whole base for blues, so just slapped a little shack in for testing purposes.

    True.... =|