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    This is my very first attempt at a map, i am finding that i really enjoy the process. I hesitated at posting anything about my map due to the fact that the rest of you are so far ahead of me and your maps look SO much better, but heck why not . The only way i will learn is input right?

    Anyway my map is based on this theme...

    After ww3 the survivors have looked for places to live and well, survive. one such place is an abandoned arena. The survivors have taken over this arena built a mining structure in the middle and burrowed deep underground for safety.

    Thats the premise. The map has been play tested on a full server and people love it. I will never be a mapmaker that goes for "flash" i would like to focus more on playability, thats just me. Anyway here are some screen shots of how the map currently appears. And remember, please be kind lol.


    The main arena showing the mining structure in the middle and a portion of the skyboxes (battlements)

    here is a pic of the main area of the team base

    Here is a pic of the inside of the mining shack with the access to the underground

    here is a pic of the old locker room (flag room)

    Here is apic from the underground looking up at access to the team base

    Here is a look from one battlement over the arena
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    You might want to be careful to not use the Half Life 2 textures. I don't know why they're there, but just try to look for the more cartoonier-looking ones.
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    Yeah, you can find the tf textures by using tf as a keyword in the material browser.

    there are two lines, the first one try a word like 'wood', in the second type 'tf'

    Becareful though, all the model/ texutures show also. They use a different lighting technique and will flash from regular to black in game.
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    Looks like a fun map to play on.(i love small maps) But just as Phil says, change those Hl2 textures, drop some prop_statics here and there, and it will look much better.