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    So the other thread I started for this seems to have disappeared. I've done a lot of brushwork so far and have the basic layout ready. Things are still going to move around (see below for list of changes to be made), but I'd say the map is now about 30% done.

    cp_underground_lair is going to be a gravelpit style attack/defend capture point map. The Blue team will spawn on the beach of this secret island and will have to capture the Water Tower/Waste disposal site and the Ray Gun to unlock the Red Base/Comfy Chair cap point (see the general layout).

    Changes to be made:

    Ray gun cap point:
    1) is going to move closer to the blue spawn, and the tunnel connecting them will widen into a beach.
    2) Basic shape will change from a square to a sort of pentagon, with three sides facing the blue spawn, the computer room, and the red base
    3) Displacements over the ground and walls to make them look realistic.
    4) Big metal blocks will become an additional ramp (I had no mouse when I made them)

    Water Tower cap point:
    1) Displacements over the ground and walls
    2) Dev-textured blocks will become crates or rocks
    3) Possible addition of more props (cranes, etc.)

    Computer Room:
    1) Actually add computers.
    2) Make windows to planning rooms, rockets, etc. Like basement of 2fort

    Red Base:
    1) Add props, decals, etc. to make it look like...well, like a base or HQ.
    2) Add separate rooms for red spawns

    Blue Spawn:
    1) Texture and add displacements.
    2) Block red entry
    3) Move so there is no clear shot from red base to blue spawn
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    good luck with your displacements man you'll need it :D
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    those seats have no how do you call it a damn forget how it is called...
    In other ways you can walk right true them.