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    I'm currently designing a map called cp_TheLowerLevels. The name comes form the idea of a factory and your in the lower levels, the name is kinda like LotR middle earth, and maybe one day I'll make the upper levels or something similar.

    Anyway. I have said in some threads already that i can't actual play tf2 until the 20th or so. But I have had practice on the software hammer or my brothers computer. I am going to completely design my map on paper before even opening hammer. so far I have a layout of the spawn room and last cap point completed with one tiny flaw which I'll ignore for now with the blue tarp theory, but compensate for later.

    The basic layout for the map will be both red and blue bases on level with each other and the middle of the map dipping downward to the massive indoor centre arena called the The Pit. The pit will be the scene of the main battle for the map and will feature sniping points and high ceilings and wide areas for scouts. Which i believe when the map is finish will be fighting the harder battle. The map will feature several air ducts and some visible but unusable ones to

    Map basis
    Scout not very big in some places
    Sniper no good sniping except the main room
    Spy dark but tight in places
    Pryo Tight with lots of corners and ramps
    Demo Good corners and airducts may provide campers with a strong means of defence
    Soldier No problems for solider
    Heavy tight in places
    Medic people to heal :D
    Engie Ledges and teles can win the game

    Spawn Room Design

    My main influnces for this map are:
    *cp_Well by Valve
    *cp_Granary by Valve
    *ctf_2fort by Valve
    *killroom by COD4

    edit: I was thinking the same think as Altaco and Ravidge (posts 2 and 3), Cp_TheLowerLevels is a bad name what about cp_FactoryFloor?

    @post3 : i see the sniper problem clearer then anyone else because i can fly around the map in my head. I am still thinking of a way to incorporate more sniping into my map.
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    I strongly reccomend you change the name. Something either one or two words and simple.
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    cp_TheLowerLevels is in my opinion an awful name for a map. Try for something less generic and with more feeling. Remove "the" and try to limit the name to one or two words that describe a part or theme of your map.

    Why do you say "Sniper no good sniping"? Do you mean that your map won't contain any decent sniping areas at all? If that's the case I think you should try harder to make any class a viable option in your map.
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    Thinking of renaming it cp_FactoryFloor. any thoughts on that name?
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    maybe just cp_factory or cp_basement(but those could already be in use)
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    When making a name you have to think about distilling your map idea down as much as you can. Not just one word, but map names that are memorable are only 1 or 2 consonants.


    Popular maps that everyone remembers the name. I think the name of a map has more to do with how much it's replayed than most think.
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    Here are some thoughts for names going off your theme, they may be taken (check the Map Name Database):

    cp_GearWorks (detail the center room with furnaces and other industrial equipment)
    cp_BoilerRoom (my favorite)

    Good you are planning to do a sketch before you start Hammer. I would also read all the tutorials you can before starting. Get your sketch posted in thread as soon as you can, so we can start giving more substantive feedback.