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    I mostly wanted to secure the name for the map, but I've also decided to start a thread since I already have begun working on it, and hence it truly now is a "work in progress". I'm going to give a short description of what I plan to do with the map, and then spotlight the BLU spawn and the story, which is the only part of the map I have done, and (I believe) also one of its more unique aspects.

    The general idea for the map is that it will be like a combination of Dustbowl and Gravilpit. Red has to defend two cps from blue, and blue is only on offense. In this respect it is like dustbowl, but it differs in that nether of the points are locked during normal gameplay; they can be captured in either order, and that is where the resemblance to Gravilpit comes in.

    The story/premise for the map is that BLU has happened upon an underground RED facility where they are doing all sorts of espionage shenanigans, and as a result BLU has decided to invade the place. This premise is made clear with the BLU spawn room not being a room, but a small piece of land above ground. Pictures are in hammer still.

    BLU spawns in a small field.

    In front of them is a conspicuously inconspicuous shack.

    The shack has no floor! What lies beneath? Just some stuff.

    But no! On further inspection it is all a clever ruse!