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[WIP] cp_connection

Discussion in 'WIP (Work in Progress)' started by Connect_Four, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. Connect_Four

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    CP_Connection, A 5 cp map by Connect_Four

    Alpha 1:
    -All Blocked out
    -All doors, spawns, cabinets, cps functional

    Alpha 2:
    -Scaled down the map by a tremendous amount
    -Added signage and directions
    -Changed the middle cap, 2 new buildings
    -Fixed the position of several passageways, and added a few more.
    -More health and ammo packs (will reduce in later updates)

    I started this map during my break, from beginning idea to final product(a1) took 1 week. After a playtest, I got numerous reports it was too big(I don't have a good eye for proportioning), so I reduced it by a lot in alpha 2.




    Things I hope to fix:
    -Respawn Times
    -Cap Times (If it's an issue)
    -Rescale CP2/4 (If it's an issue)
    -Fix the ugly, dirty water

    Please tell me what you think, and who I can improve my map. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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  2. MangyCarface

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    You get a sense for scale over time, it's nothing you can learn real quick but the character models can serve to help towards this end if you place them in hammer.

    Proportions do look better. I won't comment too much without playtesting but I'd suggest making A more natural; open areas are neat but neat cover like rocks and stuff to maneuver around; try dropping some of the rock props in there and see how it goes. 3-4 would be good for that size area.
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  3. ScorpioUprising

    aa ScorpioUprising

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    My only problem with the map as it looks thus far is that the final points are a bit too easy to get to from the 2-4. You need a little bit of travel time and line of sight blockage to ensure that the defenders don't just get pushed off the 2-4 and then instantly capped on their last point. Need to playtest to be sure, but other than that the layout looks pretty solid.
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