Win Earbuds and an Unusual in the Sodahappy TF2 Map Contest!

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    We're having a contest to create a new primary map for the Sodahappy TF2 Trade servers. Winners will be chosen on April 15, 2013.

    The first place winner will receive Earbuds and one their choice of one of the following:

    Additional prizes may be awarded for second, third, and fourth place.

    We currently use Achievement APG Remade 9j as our primary map, and we like many of the features of that map, but we want a custom map that we can enhance to suit our changing needs.

    Rules and Guidelines
    • Maps submitted to the contest should be (for the most part) brightly lit and not morbid--we want a fun environment for children.
    • The map must have secrets and event rooms (boxing, pyro tennis, and achievements).
    • Entries must have signs in the spawns where we can display information and advertise the server addresses.
    • The Sodahappy servers will retain non-exclusive global rights to the map in perpetuity (we can use the maps anywhere forever, but other people can too), and must provide the files necessary for us to update the map.
    • You may submit up to 5 entries, and you may update your submission as often as you like.

    We will publish additional details (how to submit entries, for instance) in the 2013 Sodahappy TF2 Map Contest Announcement over the coming weeks.
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    Sounds interesting.
    I'll might take the chance to test my skills and try make them better!
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    I was looking for a little direction in using my newly developed Hammer skills. Thanks for giving me something to work on. I am looking forward to submitting an entry. Cheers.
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    Yay, trade map.