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CP Wimplesmap

Discussion in 'Map Factory' started by Mr. Wimples, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Mr. Wimples

    Mr. Wimples L6: Sharp Member

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    Currently unnamed, this map is going to be a traditional A/D CP map in the style of dustbowl. Most likely will be going with a Gorge/Alpine theme. As of now only the first area is done. Stay tuned folks!
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  2. thekurnuttaja

    thekurnuttaja L1: Registered

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    Looks great
  3. REEJ

    REEJ L7: Fancy Member

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    needs orange dev textures
  4. Fr0Z3nR

    aa Fr0Z3nR Creator of blackholes & memes. Destroyer of forums

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    The cap on the first stage seems to open and a little to easy to defend for red. remember that the caps progress in difficulty as the map progresses.
  5. Doctor Paprika

    Doctor Paprika L4: Comfortable Member

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    I think it was left in general feedback, but I'll post it here anyway: without the cheap sentry placements that are borderline exploits (building on top of rocks and crates), the final point is near impossible to defend.

    I think it may be that Red has too few routes to go out and Blu has too many to get in. I'm looking at Stage 1 of Dustbowl for comparison, where the higher up routes are easily accessed going straight from Red spawn. Here, Blu has the same advantage only pushing forward towards Red, especially with that attic thing right above the point. If Blu gets a teleporter up there, the game is done because it's surprisingly difficult to Red to get up to that room without losing to much time running around the side route.
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