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Texture Will take skybox recolor requests

Discussion in 'Request Area' started by owly-oop, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. owly-oop

    aa owly-oop im birb

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    Since i'm bored and i have nothing to do, i'll take skybox recolor requests. Please don't request a skybox unless if you/your friend will use it, or if it's a really good idea.

    Also in your request it would help if you posted a reference picture heh
  2. Limesimme

    Limesimme L1: Registered

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    I could use some help with this:
    If you could arrange shit properly (kinda like yours), maybe not so much coloralteration, some-- If it looks cold, then I'm happy!

    [If anyone rips this (exept supertoaster) clean off here and now I will break you]
  3. martijntje

    martijntje L8: Fancy Shmancy Member

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    not exactly a recolor request, but I am looking for someone that can make a skybox that look like the skybox used in this non-tf2 map. Basicly a bright blu sky with floating panels

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDVEQ_FPaow"]YouTube- Mirror's Edge - Custom Map - Flux PC 1:04:71[/ame]