Why not make this a general mapping forum?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Numerous, Dec 18, 2010.

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    **Just to clarify, when I say "this", in the title, I mean "tf2maps.net", not "off-topic subforum"

    I'm just asking, since so many people here have experience with mapping for games other than TF2, and since TF2-mapping experience in hammer overlaps with mapping for other games anyways, why not just (for example) have subforums for L4D mapping (and as mentioned in a different thread, L4Dmaps is dead anyways), and Alien Swarm mapping?

    I'm not saying we necessarily should, and I know this is (by URL) TF2maps, but I think this is worth discussing.

    So do you, personally, think we should have some general support for mapping in other areas? What do you think the pros and cons for this would be?
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    We've bounced this idea around in the past a-lot.

    In the end though be the best at one thing instead of mediocre at a few =)

    when tf2maps.net was created and going forward we were the only forums *organized forums* regarding TF2 mapping on the level the community provided.

    Right now of those games there are many forums out there with great information for mapping and to have to compile it here or anywhere else again would I think be harder for the user to have to search x amount of sites for the same info.
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    People come here asking questions that don't always relate to TF2, and for the most part, because there are people here versed in several mods/the original engine, we're able to respond. But in answer to your comment, we already have interlopers, along with several other less active communities like the snark pit etc. Although chat bear did go down... a shame.

    If it's just an appearence thing, i don't think there's any need, this community is successful enough and what would we really be achieving? If it's in a practical sense i don't think we really have the man power to say we can solve everybodies problems. We're not all ABoojumSnark and he can't be everywhere at once.
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    IDK, in some ways I like having one site I know has this info, other than 10+ sites that could have that same info. Another thing is I'm into CSS mapping (over TF2), but personaly, I would change it into a "valvemapping.net" or something like that. Even if you don't change the name or anything, I would still like to request a area for other game maps (if at all possible). You know, something under the "other" section, that would be pretty cool right there.
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    It's best to keep it as tf2maps.net as there are quite a lot of other communities for other games, but I don't think people should worry about asking questions that apply to hammer in general, as they might feel more comfortable asking people they 'know'.
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    IMO the site should always stay purely oriented around TF2.

    If we were an all-around mapping forum then we'd lose our charm and fame for being a well-developed TF2 mapping community. That plus the inflow of new members would mean A) more gimmick maps for not just TF2; and B) more people in chat/on forums/more members to know. And nobody likes new people.
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    The main problem is we are good at TF2 because that's what everyone here does. We don't have the critical-mass knowledge level in other areas for anyone to actually want to come ask us.
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    new people suck
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