"Why I use a Knife" Faceposer Project

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    (be sure to watch in HD because you can!)

    So, that's all I've got so far. I usually come through on my Faceposer projects unlike other... SDK projects. Anyways. I'm working on recreating the "Why I use a Knife" scene from The Dark Knight. Which is shown here:


    So I'm going to try to capture the "crazy sociopath" feel that Heath Ledger projected as the Joker. I'm simply going to have a scared Heavy as the Police guy at the end of the vid. I'm working on cleaning up the audio, and practically making each and every phoneme by hand.

    This is the progress thread for the project. Updates to come... uh, next week!
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    the 2nd movie isn't working for me, but this sounds interesting!
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    Sounds cool.....maybe you can make the epic end battle, too?