Why do the TF2Maps.net Official Server's never have any player's in them?

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by CareBear, Apr 3, 2017.

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    I would like to find a server in the oceania area that ran a custom map rotation, like TF2map.net does. And i thought that this would do the trick. It was upsetting to see that no one is ever on the server. So i came here to see that the official TF2Maps.net server's never have any player's in them unless there is a special event or a gameday. Would anyone be able to explain to me why this is so.
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    Very few people ever play serious custom map servers. Most people are going to be playing on Valve servers or community servers that run stuff like trade maps/jump maps/orange maps or other non serious maps/modes.
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    Many, if not most of the people who play on the TF2Maps servers are usually map-makers themselves, and/or avid testers of such maps. Every now and then I'll see the numbers go up when it's not a special gameday or an imp, filled with random people outside of our community, but's that's a rare occurrence in itself.

    A bit sad (at first glance!) but as Casual and Comp are in play now and focuses from many players have shifted towards those options, it's not often you see our servers full! I don't think anyone here is stopping people outside of our regulars from playing on the servers though, so feel free to play on 'em and invite your friends whenever you please. Especially if it's empty.

    Have fun and have at it.
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    Generally the Australian TF2Maps server isn't used for testing maps, since it has such a high ping difference to the US and Europe.
    One server that does run custom maps is Smurfy, which is based in Sydney. Just nominate and vote for what you want to play. The map list has fewer custom maps in low player counts to help the server fill, but around 8pm Sydney time it gets filled, and people can vote for custom maps.
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    Too busy mapping to play :jimijam:
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    Very true these days when it comes to community servers. You need to have something good to make people want to come and play on your custom/community server. (This is where I shine through!) Otherwise people these day in TF2 will be playing on Valve official servers/match making servers.

    As TF2 progressed over the years, people have increased demands in what they want. Community/custom servers running official maps or rinky dink custom maps died off. Some are still around but nothing like it used to be.
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    As said, the EU and US servers are mostly used for map testing rather than actual playing - and testing is usually the main priority.
    We run so-called "imps", which is short of "impromptu map tests". It usually happens every evening, depends on where is the server located. Also there can be gamedays, which are the same but rather planned and with a gathered map list and a schedule.
    Joining either can be a lot of fun and new map experience, but never forget that it's for testing, and leave constructive feedback on the map if you can and want.
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    Having gigantic map download sizes doesn't help either. I couldn't play on the TF2 maps server during off times even if I wanted to.