why can't i change levels!? goldsrc

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L420: High Member
Jul 29, 2016
so i am trying to make it so the player goes from level a to level b, and it works, except the player spawns at the XYZ point, in stead of were they were going!

Dr. Orange

L6: Sharp Member
May 25, 2015
You need to have a trigger_transition and a info_landmark of the same name referenced in the trigger_changelevel. The trigger_transition should be covering the same relative area in both maps, and the info_landmark should be in the same relative position. The info_landmark is used as a landmark to determine where the player and any entities within the trigger_transition will end up. So if the player was 64 units east of the landmark in the first map, they will spawn 64 units east of the landmark in the second map.
There also must be a trigger_transition linking back to the first map, even if it's impossible to get back to it. Just check the "USE Only" spawnflag, and it will be impossible to return to the previous level.