Why are warpaints so hard to sell?

Discussion in 'Team Fortress 2 Talk' started by Dead Plant, Sep 29, 2018.

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    At this point they almost seem like cursed items. Either you can't find any buyers or the only way to sell one is to lowball it.
    My theory is that there's just too many possible weapon combinations. Who would want to buy something as oddly specific as a factory-new-strange-stat-clock-bloom-buffed-degreaser?
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    Its just a byproduct of people wanting to get the best items. But in all honestly could be applied to the hats and stranges as well, there is tons of undesirable hats out there that nobody really wants to get, some of them most people have probably never seen or heard of through their time playing. And then other modifiers come in and also affect it such as paint, quality, strange parts if its strange etc.

    All I could really say is stick with what you feel the skin is worth until it does end up getting sold. But don't overprice it too much as while it may feel like something expensive to you everybody else will see it as an extortionate price. About somewhere under the price of the warpaint kit used to make the skin in the first place would be the best way to price it as going over will just make it wasted money for something they can make for cheaper at that point. From there its just hoping somebody is interested in what you got.
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    Warpaints also have no specific pricing. If you had, say, a factory new freedom wrapped airstrike, no one will know how much that item can sell for because of the lack of proper pricing tools for warpaints, the only one you can really use being the steam community market (and backpack.tf in some cases, but only on certain skins from the old cases). It's all a matter of finding those interested in your item and negotiating a price that feels fair, but warpaint trading is never something you'll want to invest in just because of the super specific buyers you'll need to find.