Who's ready for some jam-flavored breakfast? 2017-02-11

Team fortress themed food

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    Who's ready for some jam-flavored breakfast? - Team fortress themed food

    Hello there, especially for those who still making something big for the TF2 Jam,don't lose your hopes, and stay good to go, now with this TF2 themed-pancakes.
    The medic prescription for the right time and with that i mean any moment and place, because is always good to enjoy this delicious pancakes.

    So, what are you waiting dummy?, put aside your project for a moment and take your time to take a break, but not too much time, you still have to finish what are you doing, and i don't want to be blamed for ruining whatever you are making.

    Now this are some good pancakes
  2. Egan

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    I'm not sure how difficult it is, but it looks good!

    Have you seen those more artsy fartsy pancakes where they draw with condiment bottles and then fry all overtop of that art? Maybe try something like that next jam! (resolution on the detail seems a bit blotchy).