Who are you voting for in 08...

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  1. G-man/GLaDOS

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  2. Weighted Companion Cube/DOG

    10 vote(s)
  1. Intraman

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    ...if these two where the only options?

    EDIT: gah.. I can't fix the "weight" part.. could a mod please fix it to "weighted"?
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  2. Ganon11

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    I just like their policy on tax reform, that's all.
  3. YM

    aa YM LVL100 YM

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    Gman seems ultra cool to me ever since that scene in episode 2. He seems more real, more friendly.
    GLaDOS...Who couldn't love her, her humour, sarcasm, intelligence....*oggles*

    Dog is teh lame. TBH hes one of the worse characters in the HL2 universe, all his walking animations are terrible and he slids around everywhere, he always freakin walks into me and the 'emotion' between him and Alex is non existant to me.. Also, the people calling him d0g.... *sigh*
    And the WCC, although awesome, nowhere near as good as the turrets.

    Myvote - Gman/GLaDOS
  4. Intraman

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    Youme does raise some good points. However, we all know that GLaDOS's promise of cake is half true at best. At least WCC "I cannot talk and will not stab you" campaign has some merit. Although who can disagree with the G-man's imagration policy? No one, that's who.
  5. Armadillo of Doom

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    Oh dam. Wonderful poll, but dam. I need to think about this one.

    Edit 1: After careful consideration, I gotta go w/ mah cube and Dog. Problem is pairing of 2 pretty evil people. Now if it was GLaDOS and Cube, with G-Man and Dog, that would be a lot harder.
  6. Dox

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    To myself of a month ago. what I am about to say would amount to blasphemy. But i cannot support the cube in this election. Though the cube speaks volumes in the language of love and peace, I dont think it would be the strong figurehead our country needs. and Dogs only political value is his appeal to the robo-americans and his "catch and throw" approach to the department of corrections.

    GlaDoS has a unique approach to personell management, you know she would have a great cabinet of robotic orbs with a wide range of skills she could rely on for sound, rational advice.
    G-man has a large history of being in key leadership positions... we dont know what positions, but you know he is at the top....
    And his "hands off" approach of foreign policy is what our country needs right now, he really knows when its time to walk away. And you know he would spend our money wisely on things like research and development for new energy sources (like the exciting new 5th dimensional elements) and more funding for our department of transportation (cause I just really want to take the portal to work.)
  7. Nizzem

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    Dog hands down..
    and I thought i killed the companion cube :)